We Can Locate Your Leak With Ease

DTS Restorative Services in Winter Garden, FL has the know-how

There are some instances when you know without a doubt that you have a major plumbing leak – you may be able to see water gushing out of the pipe. In other situations you can see the water but you need to pinpoint the location of a hidden leak before the repair work can begin.

DTS Restorative Services provides fast, effective leak detection services to our valued clients in the Orlando area. There's no need to crawl around on hands and knees trying to find the leak on your own – we can do that. Our experienced team uses electronic EAR leak detection methods without relying on invasive techniques, so your home won't incur additional damage during the detection and repair process.

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Who you call for help with leak detection does make a difference, and DTS Restorative Services is ready to begin working for you. We can help you determine if you have a leak and find out where it is located. These are the first steps in the repair process.

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