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We specialize in leak detection and use the latest equipment.

The power of water is unquestionable and often quite breathtaking. When you look at the way water has carved through mountain ranges and created deep valleys, you may only be able to imagine what it can do within your living space. Although water is something every living thing needs to stay alive, it’s also a resource that can cause immense amounts of destruction when it pops up in places where it shouldn’t be. Within your home, the places it shouldn’t be include just about anywhere except a sink, tub, shower, or pipe.

Leak Detection in Apopka, Florida

Unfortunately, water doesn’t always stay where it is supposed to stay. A crack in a pipe or a broken water fixture can result in an issue that you may not even realize is there until it has caused a lot of damage. Many water leaks don’t give off major warning signs, especially when they occur in hidden areas of the home, such as behind the walls or inside a cabinet. At DTS Restorative Services, we can perform leak detection services for clients in and around Apopka, Florida to eliminate the worry that comes with wondering whether a leak is present.

We specialize in leak detection and use the latest equipment. Some of the signs that a leak could be present include higher water bills, the sound of water dripping, damp areas on the floors or walls, and a change in water pressure. A leak increases the risk of mold growth, so it’s important to act quickly and have our technicians perform leak detection right away to address the problem.

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Home Leak Detection in Apopka, Florida

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