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If you’re concerned about a plumbing leak at your home, contact us today.

A plumbing leak is something that most property owners will experience at some point. Pipes can break, fixtures can crack, and appliances can give out, all potentially resulting in an onslaught of water that spreads throughout the living space. It’s important to know what signs to look for when it comes to a plumbing leak, as well as know what to do when you spot any of these warning signs. Since pipes are often installed out of sight behind the walls in a structure, it’s not as easy to know when one of these has sustained damage. However, warning signs of a plumbing leak may include a change in the water pressure, damp spots on the walls or floors, musty odors in the air, or increasing water bills.

Plumbing Leak in Apopka, Florida

At DTS Restorative Services, we have the skills and experience needed to resolve plumbing concerns, as well as clean up any damage caused by a plumbing leak. Our trained technicians can diagnose plumbing leak problems using our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment and come up with a plan to fix the problem. If your home has been damaged or mold growth has occurred, we’re also able to perform the restoration and eliminate any mold damage to provide you with a safe and comfortable place to live.

If you’re concerned about a plumbing leak at your Apopka, Florida home, contact us today. We’ll send a technician as soon as possible to take a closer look and come up with a plan for repair, as well as provide you with additional information about any restoration needs.

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