Home Leak Detection, Winter Garden, FL

HomeLeak Detection, Winter Garden, FLHome Leak Detection, Winter Garden, FL

Our home leak detection methods could save you hundreds of dollars in materials and labor.

The power of water, and thus its ability to destroy, is unquestioned. Just look at what a simple river did in the creation of the Grand Canyon. This is also a good representation about how water spreads easily and can travel for a very long distance. At DTS Restorative Services, we understand that it is this capacity that makes finding the origin of a water leak more complex than you might think. The area where water shows itself is rarely where the plumbing leak or roof leak began. With our effective home leak detection capabilities, we can pinpoint the origin so that the repair process can begin in the least invasive manner possible.

Home Leak Detection in Winter Garden, Florida

Without our electronic EAR home leak detection process, it would mean ripping out the drywall or other materials where the water came through and then following the path back. This method not only causes more damage to be repaired, but if there happens to be a dry spot in between, the trail runs cold and the cause of the leak can be difficult to locate. With our method, the materials in between might be able to be dried out rather than ripped out, saving you hundreds of dollars in materials and labor.

We also recommend having us perform home leak detection if you are about to purchase a home in the Winter Garden, Florida area. We can give you peace of mind that there isn’t a water damage situation while you can still address it before signing on the dotted line. Reach out today with any questions you might have about home leak detection or about our mold remediation, flood damage, or water damage services.

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