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A plumbing leak can happen anywhere that there are water lines or drain lines.

In a perfect world, every plumbing leak would be easily identifiable. It would be something like water pouring out from under your kitchen sink or across your bathroom floor because the connection to a faucet broke loose. The reality is that many leaks can go undetected and be challenging to locate the cause even once the water damage is evident. At DTS Restorative Services, we are adept at leak detection so that any type of plumbing leak can be resolved.

Plumbing Leak in Winter Garden, Florida

We provide fast, effective water leak detection services to our valued clients in the Winter Garden, Florida area. There’s no need to crawl around on hands and knees trying to find the leak on your own – we can do that. Our experienced team uses electronic EAR leak detection methods without relying on invasive techniques, so your home won’t incur additional damage during the plumbing leak detection and repair process.

A plumbing leak can happen anywhere that there are water lines or drain lines. This includes in the walls and under the slab. If you have noticed a water bill that is higher than normal or there are symptoms of high humidity in your home, it may be a hidden plumbing leak to blame. One of the dangers of not resolving hidden water damage is that there is a good chance mold has been activated and is colonizing within the walls. If that has happened, we have you covered with our mold remediation services.

Reach out today with any questions you have about our services or if you need assistance locating a plumbing leak in your home.

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