The Importance of Leak Detection for a Roof Issue

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There are several consequences of a leaky roof, making this one of the areas of your home where accurate leak detection is a must. Even if you only suspect a roof problem, you should reach out to a leak detection professional for assistance. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to locate and resolve a roof leak as promptly as possible:

  • Mold- Water intrusion due to a leaking roof can spread to many areas, with each one an ideal environment for mold to activate and colonize. Many of these are hidden from view, so extensive mold damage can result.

The Importance of Leak Detection for a Roof Issue

  • Fire- Water and electricity do not mix, so if the water intrusion reaches wiring, the resulting sparks could result in fire.
  • Injury- Hidden leaks aren’t the only potential issue with a roof leak. A substantial one that leaks and creates puddles on the floor can result in a slip and fall injury.
  • Energy costs- Leaks affect your energy costs in two ways. The first is that your AC has to work harder to compensate for the increase in humidity. The second is that it will also work harder if the insulation in the attic has been damaged and isn’t able to do its job.
  • Water damage- Most building materials are not resistant to moisture or water, leading to damage that can often be costly to resolve. This is especially true if the structural integrity is threatened.
  • Pests- Pests need water to survive and will be drawn to a moist environment. Termites, in particular, favor soggy wood.

If you suspect a roof problem at your Winter Garden, Florida home, don’t just call a roofing company. Call us at DTS Restorative Services to schedule leak detection services, as well as water damage and mold damage restoration services, if needed. With more than 25 years in business, we are your best choice in the area for getting your home back to normal.