What Does Fire Prevention Have to do with Water Damage Prevention?

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It might seem strange for a water damage restoration company to be talking about fire prevention or giving tips in that regard. However, many fires result in water damage due to the use of water by the fire department. If you want to avoid water damage in your home, go beyond the usual suspects of plumbing issues, appliance breakdowns, and roofing leaks. Think also about how to prevent a fire. Here are some tips:

  • Dryer vent cleaning- Thousands of house fires each year are caused by failure to keep the dryer vent clear of lint. Without regular cleaning, the lint eventually blocks the vent. The result is an overheated dryer that ignites the lint. The fire quickly spreads to the walls and beyond.

strange for a water damage restoration company

  • Store flammable items properly- We aren’t just talking about the gas can for your lawnmower or your grill’s propane tank. Keep flammable items away from heat and fire sources, too. For example, don’t store cookbooks or towels too close to your stove. Be careful what is close to a space heater or fireplace too.
  • Use candles carefully- A candle should never be placed close to anything flammable and should not be left unattended.
  • Replace old electronics- The wiring in old electronics or appliances may not meet safety regulations, or it may just become worn out. There is a higher risk of an electrical fire when using antique fans, lamps, and other items.

At DTS Restorative Services, we aren’t just here to help you if you experience water damage at your home in the Winter Garden, Florida area. We are a valuable resource for preventing a problem to begin with, which is why we have shared these tips on fire prevention. Reach out today if you need any of our services or have questions about prevention.