Water Damage Contractor, Winter Garden, FL

You can count on us as your water damage contractor to take care of the problem.

If you haven’t encountered a plumbing issue or flood at your residence, count yourself lucky. The reality is that most property owners will experience some type of flooding event at some point. Water flows through the pipes inside the walls and fixtures throughout the home, so even a small leak can lead to a flood that has a major impact. Finding the right water damage contractor is critical in getting through this situation with as little stress as possible. If your home is in the Winter Garden, Florida area, you can rely on our team at DTS Restorative Services to handle your water damage cleanup needs.

Water Damage Contractor in Winter Garden, Florida

As a trusted local water damage contractor, we respond quickly and work efficiently to protect our clients and minimize the extent of the damage incurred. Flooding can come from just about anywhere in the home. You might have a sudden onslaught of water when a water heater goes out or a massive storm comes through the area, dumping inches of rain and causing water to come into your living space. No matter the cause of the excess moisture, you can count on us as your water damage contractor to take care of the problem and restore your home to its pre-flood state.

In addition to taking care of the damage caused by the flood or leak, we can also test for mold and perform any necessary mold removal services. Our technicians have undergone extensive training and put the needs of our customers first, which are just some of the aspects that set us apart as a top local water damage contractor.